Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog: Como Se Llama? I hope you follow me as I head off to Peru this summer and as I work towards completing my thesis for Anthropology. Thanks!

Thinking About the Future

With the first day of teaching under my belt, I finally feel that the summer is beginning to move in a productive direction. I’ve been spending more time online scouring the infinite database that is the internet, searching for perspective graduate PhD programs that I might be interested in pursuing. For the longest time I […]

A Learning Process…

One thing that I’ve learned from studying Anthropology is how little I actually know about the vastness of the world. Geertz was right in stating that in order to fully understand the cultural interactions of all societies you have to first understand each one individually, on the micro, emic level.

I have been reading a […]

In the Meantime

Between now and when I embark on my epic journey to South America I will be teaching a Film Production class to a group of high school girls from the area. I started doing this last summer and I loved it, so here I am again. I’m currently putting the final touches on my syllabus […]

Travel Plans

Here are my travel plans:

Friday, July 17. Philadelphia –> Miami (Layover) –> Lima Saturday, July 18. Lima –> Andahuaylas Tuesday, August 25. Andahuaylas –> Lima Wednesday, August 26. Lima –> Miami (Layover) –> Philadelphia

Fall semester begins: Monday, August 31.


I’ve had blogs with WordPress before (with no affiliation to Bryn Mawr) to my own detriment. Both times my blogs were deleted without any warning whatsoever, and I lost several posts. However, I am willing to give WordPress another try through the Bryn Mawr Blog as it might provide a more stable server. We will […]