Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog: Como Se Llama? I hope you follow me as I head off to Peru this summer and as I work towards completing my thesis for Anthropology. Thanks!


I´m here! And I love it! There will be many pictures soon, it´s just hard finding time too get into the internet cafe right now especially when it´s teaming with adolecent boys who are on their winter break. I have so far been out to bars with some locals (nade out with one of them), […]


I arrived in Lima today around 10pm (Lima time). Flights were good. There was little leg space which was hard on my knee but I had window seats on both flights which was not only cool but nice to have something to lean against. On my Atlantic City to Miami flight I sat next to […]


Yesterday I got a Tetnus booster shot and a Hepatitis A shot. Today my arms hate me. The doctor says that the pain only lasts for a day or two, but I wasn’t expecting this level of pain. Doctors always seems to be lying to me about how much things will hurt. When I got […]


I am supposed to leave for Peru in 14 days and I just lost my wallet containing all means of identification (except my passport, which I have) and I never received conformation from the domestic airline that will take me from Lima to Andahuaylas. Awesome!

Travel preperation takes a lot more than I thought!