Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog: Como Se Llama? I hope you follow me as I head off to Peru this summer and as I work towards completing my thesis for Anthropology. Thanks!


Yesterday I got a Tetnus booster shot and a Hepatitis A shot. Today my arms hate me. The doctor says that the pain only lasts for a day or two, but I wasn’t expecting this level of pain. Doctors always seems to be lying to me about how much things will hurt. When I got knee surgery, my doctor very flippantly told me not to worry, it wasn’t so bad, it was the physical therapy that would kill me. Nope. I didn’t sleep for over two weeks after I got surgery – that’s how painful that was.

Other than that, I now understand why travel agencies exist. Travel planning – especially international – can be absolute hell. The city that I’m going to in Peru is small and rural and has a very small airport. There is only one airline that travels from Lima to this town, Andahuaylas. The airlines people speak little English and then their site went down… right after I bought my tickets online. I never received any kind of flight conformation or my tickets via email like I was supposed to nor did they answer any emails or telephone calls. It was quite a nightmare for awhile there waiting to hear back from the airlines. Finally, my mom and I called the American Embassy in Peru and they were able to get things sorted out between us and the airline. Whoever plans to arrange their own travel itinerary, especially for an international trip involving more than two planes and non-English speakers, is certifiably insane.

So here I am, ready to go – almost. I’m still mentally preparing myself for the various planes I have to find and then put myself on, customs, etc. I am, of course, unbelievably excited and looking forward to my travels, challenges and all. Who know’s… I might actually learn a thing or two.

Oh, and I did find my wallet. Phew!

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  • Opa

    FFS, tetanus boosters are killer. Not to worry you, but I actually injured my arm from holding it funny because it hurt to use for days after the injection. The site to this day has a funny little knot in it that hurts to push on (as do most funny bumps on bodies if you push hard enough).

  • Tetanus boosters have really heavy impact and the penetration is still visible on the arm some days later – not nice but a killer (@Opa) ???