Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog: Como Se Llama? I hope you follow me as I head off to Peru this summer and as I work towards completing my thesis for Anthropology. Thanks!


I arrived in Lima today around 10pm (Lima time). Flights were good. There was little leg space which was hard on my knee but I had window seats on both flights which was not only cool but nice to have something to lean against. On my Atlantic City to Miami flight I sat next to a woman who was visiting her daughter in Florida because the daughter had just had surgery. So we talked a bit about post-op stuff, in which I am well versed. During my Miami to Lima flight I sat with two Catholic nurses from South Carolina who were on their way to the jungles of Peru on a mission trip. They were reading a Bible most of the time and discussing God-related things. They offered me some beef jerky so I decided they were okay and gave them some of my Icelandic chocolate.

Right before leaving home, it was reported in the news that there was an outbreak of Swine Flu in Lima. Schools have been shut down, and I was greeted at the Lima airport by staff in medical masks. They handed out masks to us as well along with an education pamphlet about the proper way to sneeze. It is a bit disconcerning to see everyone walking about in masks but the concern level doesn’t appear to be terribly high as most of the staff just have the mask strapped around their ears and pulled below their chin, not actually serving any purpose. I noticed that it is mostly the women who are wearing theirs the proper way.

I am currently sitting in the Starbucks of the Lima International Airport, have loaded up on caffiene via Grande Mocha Frappuccino and am watching Live Free or Die Hard. My connecting flight from Lima to Andahuaylas departs at 8:20am so I still have several hours before I can even check my overstuffed dufflebag.

A cute American boy just ordered a coffee and is making a temperary home at the outlet next to me. I think I’ll see if he wants to join me in admiring Bruce Willis.

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