Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog: Como Se Llama? I hope you follow me as I head off to Peru this summer and as I work towards completing my thesis for Anthropology. Thanks!


I´m here! And I love it! There will be many pictures soon, it´s just hard finding time too get into the internet cafe right now especially when it´s teaming with adolecent boys who are on their winter break. I have so far been out to bars with some locals (nade out with one of them), discoteca, a futbol game, some festivals and even a funeral. This place is an anthropologist´s dream! My Spanish vocabulary has already expanded tenfold and it´s only been 4 days! Tomorrow I am even going to a cock fight! What up Cliff Geertz…

I´ve been doing a lot of research (mostly in Spanish) and got a hold of my equipment for filming. Tomorrow I´m going out with my key informant and he´s going to introduce me to some militants at the local base (boner), survivors of Sendero Luminoso and I´m going to meet a pastor. Excellent! There will be a much longer follow up as soon as I can get wireless installed in the little adobe house we´re living in. Ciao!

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  • Stephanie

    Sounds fantastic!! Can’t wait to see all the info and experiences you will gather!! Love you!!